Another letter to Rep. Xoch

Fifteen minutes with Rep. Xochitl Torres Small:

Wednesday, 8/28/2019, I planted the seed into the mind of Rep. Xochitl Torres Small that molten chloride salt fast reactors were the final solution to the interim and retrievable store nuclear fuel at Holtec HI-STORE consolidated interim storage facility proposed here in New Mexico.

The Honorable Rep. Xochitl Torres Small was attentive to every word I was saying. I told her I was not there for any political reason and that I didn’t need anything from her accept to listen to me. And she did, especially when I told her that the transportation and storage of unused nuclear fuel rods was technically safe and the only issue with radiation were based on legacy fear left over from the cold war era.

I met with Rep. Small (and she is small) in a very out of the way watering hole, literally called the Hydration Station, up in Portales, NM east of the University. Their coconut ice tea is the talk of the town so yes, that is what I had. Fifteen minutes is not very much time so I had to choose my words carefully.

Rep. Small is also the only politico in NM that has not openly opposed the HI-STORE CISF project. She brought that up in our conversation with dignity so I have to trust that she is open minded about it for now. She also told me that it is up to the NRC and I assume that she will probably take their position on it. This is all speculation and my opinion based on all the other conversations I have had with politicos in general. Trust, but verify.

The NRC is in the process of final preparation for the next round of the EIS – Environmental Impact Study. The proposed initial operating period for the HI-STORE CIS Facility is 40 years with possible license extensions of 80 years for an extended operating lifetime of 120 years. I explained to Rep. Small this was enough time because the nuclear fuel would be mostly benign by then. The nuclear fuel would be terminus at HI-STORE CISF until it was needed as fuel for advanced molten chloride salt reactors.

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