Go along to get along:

This world of ‘go along to get along’ mentality, that is, to conform to general expectations so as not to disrupt or endanger one’s sense of security or belonging is not working out so well. Trumpism has completely changed that approach in just about every sector of society. The US has had a two party system for a long time but occasionally the party name and ideology changes. Today we have Trumpism versus the traditional Republican and Democrat Congress. Then, there is the rest of us.

Today’s decisive resistance within all three branches of our Republic is spilling over into science and technology also. When Government picks and chooses and makes the wrong choices, it is extremely difficult and very expensive to disrupt that path, be it energy, health, or foreign policy.

In the years that I have studied the nuclear energy evolution, it is very pronounced that the Government picked the wrong nuclear power reactor design. It should have allowed competition so the better designs would have prevailed. Now, sixty years and trillions of dollars later, the government has finally decided to get out of the way for nuclear energy to prevail on its own.

The Government also needs to get out of the way of the Renewable (wind and solar farms) energy platform as well. Sixty years and trillions of dollar from now, we will be saying the same thing about Renewable too. The best logical reason for the Government to have picked wind and solar as their energy of choice is because it creates many construction jobs for the many decades it will take to completely de-carbonize our economy. Yes, that is the goal of the Green New Deal being proposed by a few radical disruptors in Congress 2019. These disruptors are not part of Trumpism or even capitalism for that matter.

Now Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has ordered New Mexico to join a national coalition of states seeking to combat the effects of climate change, as part of a far-reaching plan to shift the state toward a renewable energy economy, without nuclear or O&G. Why?


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