Thank God for Climate Change:

It is to bad the O&G could not see the light beyond the flame because if they had invested in nuclear energy when they had the chance, they would not have put themselves in a precarious position with world governments. While we can thank Big Oil and its unwitting US governmental accomplices for slowing down the rush to nuclear energy, Big Oil is far more of a killer than is the nuclear power industry, both directly due to massive pollution and oil wars, and as a result of oil-fueled global warming. Nature’s revenge for Big Oil’s activities will be far more lethal than for our use of peaceful nuclear energy.

Wind and solar farms are like cattle farms. They are unable to sustain the energy hungry human race. Unavoidably, then, improving the productivity of beef production through technology will be necessary to mitigate its environmental impacts. And so it is with wind and solar and their low productivity of electricity because of the low density of the capture devices: wind turbines and solar panels. To increase capacity, more and more devices have to be built out over more and more land surfaces. Like the cattle industry, compressing the density into smaller spaces allows for greater productivity. There is no greater energy density than uranium and thorium.

Unfortunately, there is a new crop of first time Congressmen/women that come from a perception that wind and solar can provide 100% of the clean renewable energy needed to solve the climate change issue. Hopefully the likes of Senator Cory Booker and Senator Lisa Murkowski are able to have some influence on them to consider nuclear in their mix of climate change solutions.

In the meantime, there is progress with small modular reactor (SMR) technology working it’s way through the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approval procedures. What these SMR provide is a smaller version of what we have today in Gen3+ version with a more passive operating environment. They are basically walk away safe systems with one flaw – they still produce spent nuclear fuel that has to be stored for 300 years. Until the Gen4 molten chloride salt fast reactor are available, we will have to continue storing the unused fuel. Remedy: HI_STORE CISF in Carlsbad New Mexico.


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