The ICPP Report has been ‘hacked’

The ICPP (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) of 2015 promoted the need for clean nuclear energy in order to save the earth from climate change. Just three years later the ICPP Report 2018 attacks nuclear power, as a key climate solution, by promoting the notion that it risks nuclear weapons proliferation, may cause childhood leukemia, and destroys the natural environment. So which report is right and which report is wrong because both were signed off by the consensus of climate change scientist.

Without a doubt, the ICPP Report has been taken over by politics. There has always been a bias to favor the wind and solar energy industries because they provide the broadest range of wealth distribution from end to end of the product and labor life cycles. That cycle would consist of the mining operations in Africa with child labor to the manufacturing of toxic materials to be assemble into the product by cheap Chinese labor and imported into the US without any tariffs to protect the US renewable industry. And to add insult to injury, the US tax payer pays up to 30-50% of the cost in subsidies to install the wind and solar farms all over our beautiful landscape.

In fact, study after study over the last 40 years finds that nuclear is the safest way to make reliable electricity, and climate scientists found that nuclear energy has saved 1.8 million lives by preventing premature deaths from air pollution. Where nuclear was 19% of U.S. electricity last year, solar and wind still constitute just 1.3% and 6.3% of electricity in the U.S., and 1.3% and 3.9% of electricity globally.
And yet IPCC describes nuclear technology as inherently flawed in contrast to renewable’s whose problems can be solved through “policy interventions.” In reality, there is no policy intervention that can change the physics of making electricity.

I actually supported parts of the ICPP 2015 Report the last time around because it actually recognized nuclear energy as a clean solution to managing climate change. With their recent position on nuclear energy, throwing out accusations that are baseless, makes me reconsider the entire issue of the climate change agenda.


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