Germany’s problems could become America’s problems?

I will get right to the point. Germany’s decision to eliminate nuclear energy in favor of wind and solar is already a huge mistake and will only get worst, especially for their industrial base. Their attempt to implement ‘green’ energy is actually turning black with coal dust. Germany’s decision to open their borders and give asylum to over a million immigrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa will be their second major mistake. And now, the democratic socialists are losing their political leverage to the nationalist again. We should all remember what happened last time.

While Germany has been one of the most advance technological western societies even with its declining national population for many decades, it is not capable of handling either alleged mistakes successfully. There is no technical reason to shutter their nuclear power fleet of reactors and there is no technical reason to increase their labor force either. The next generation of clean nuclear power is coming soon and robotics will automate the labor force.

As the world struggles to curb the alleged devastating effects of climate change and end its reliance on fossil fuels, clean, safe nuclear can’t come soon enough.  Renewable energy like solar power might seem like the most sustainable option, but progress in renewable energy is moving at a snail’s pace.

Germany’s two major problems will become America’s two major problems too. Within a decade, America’s electrical grid will be starving for a reliable and steady flow of power. During that same time, the steady flow of illegal immigrants coming across our borders will also starve the nation unless the next administration does something like; increase nuclear energy use and curb migration.

Last year nuclear power supplied 19% of U.S. energy — much more than all other renewable sources. But in its current form, nuclear power is inefficient, dangerous and produces waste that stays radioactive for thousands of years. That’s because we’re still using the same old nuclear power technology we used in the 1950s – pressurized water reactors with their well documented problems.

Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Energy engineers have finally proposed replacing water inside the reactor with molten salt, which doesn’t need to be pressurized. The new and improved design would be much safer and more efficient. Molten salt reactors that use Thorium as their fuel source in a liquid salt base would use almost 100% of that fuel. They’d even be able to generate more fuel in the process (breeder reactor). In fact, engineers have designed a way for these reactors to be self-regulating and meltdown-proof.

It will be difficult to convince people that nuclear power is safe and not easily proliferated like the ‘news alert’ falsely report. Disasters like TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima did capture international attention, and for good reason. In reality, nuclear power is already much safer than it seems.

Nuclear energy is arguably safer than fossil fuels when you consider air-pollution-related deaths caused by emissions, according to NASA – “We found that despite the three major nuclear accidents the world has experienced, nuclear power prevented an average of over 1.8 million net deaths worldwide between 1971-2009,” the report reads.

A couple of nuclear plant employees leaving their jobs to join ISSL will not cause a meltdown or a dirty bomb according to the fear that our news media is spreading. Your local radiologist has the resources to make a dirty bomb with standard medical radioactive elements use for MRIs and CT Scans. The resulting shutdown of the local economy, evacuation, disruption of services and costly clean-up is the point of a dirty bomb – not death and destruction. A nuclear power plant is a military harden facility and not a soft target for terrorist either. It would take a military scale attack to over take a nuclear power plant and then what? They will all be neutralized.

For many years, the social politics of the European societies have gradually worked their way into US politics. This has got to stop and now is the best time to change direction. The first thing that has to happen is to recapture our innovative technological edge on the rest of the world again. With world economies so interchanged with each other, it will take much more effort and energy to maintain a leading edge economy. The second thing that has to happen is to get control on the migration of unskilled labor and refocus on education of existing citizens with STEM programs.

Economic progress no longer needs an increase in the labor pool like it use to the last 200 years. Robotics will actually reduce the requirement for an unskilled human labor force for mundane manual labor activity, like many assembly factories. Germany definitely did not think through their decision to eliminate nuclear power plants by 2020 and even worst is their decision to take in millions of migrates from the Middle East without jobs waiting for them.

Germany did not take notice of what was already happening in its neighboring EU countries with regard to lack of migration assimilation and a successful nuclear energy program (ie: France) and now it might be too late to correct. The United States needs to also take notice and the election this fall will be a good place to make America great again.


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