Trump Train: evolution of our political infrastructure.

Love is never having to say you are sorry and we all know that Donald J. Trump has never said sorry about anything he has said so far through this presidential campaign. For that matter, I have never heard him say sorry – ever. Confidence is never having to worry about yourself whether you are building bridges or walls. Donald J. Trump is a builder and the question is: will he build bridges between the divisions in our society or will he build walls?

I have written several articles about the evolution of biological systems and the evolution within the physics of technology. I have also written about the evolution of societies over the millenniums and here we are experiencing another phenomenon that has been dubbed ‘The Trump Train’ or the evolution of the Republican Party. The man has defied all the tenets of the right and left political systems that we are familiar with. Trump has created a perception of a different party and is successfully marketing it as a political disrupter. Trump has never been part of the Wall Street team and has shown us that he is not part of the political establishment team, even though his Trump Tower sits on Wall Street and his newly restored luxury hotel at the Old Post Office Pavilion in DC is on Pennsylvania Ave. He is not one of them, like Cruz has just become.

Donald J. Trump has a language of his own modeled after today’s sound byte social media. A lot of people understand him better than the smooth talking politicians he is running against. He speaks in fragmented sentences and repeats so many times, that you just have to get it. His few policies are just as simple too: build a wall with pesos, secure the country with our own guns, create jobs with tax reforms, rebuild G.I. Joe through an efficient VA system, and make deals with other countries where there is a win-win. Lastly, and most importantly, implement an affordable healthcare system. Details for these policies are available on his campaign web site

Donald J. Trump is running for president with the theme “Let’s Make America Great Again”. In simple Donald language that just means to put the American citizens first. He uses several other short slogans that any one can understand and remember like; “a country without borders is not a country”. When someone is asked why they support Trump, they only have to say “he’s going to make America great again”. How simple is that? Now ask yourself what Hillary Clinton’s catch phrase might be – silence! Well, it’s “Hillary for America” and I would have to guess it is all about Hillary. Maybe her slogan should be ‘it’s your time to pay again’ because she requires a monetary donation if you want to see her campaign web site

Donald J. Trump is not a conservative! That is the number one reason that I hear about Trump not being ‘qualified’ to be the Republican nominee. Trump says he is a common sense conservative and it appears that a lot people in the nation agree with him, especially the independents and historically non-voters. By staying focus on what the key issues are and not getting sucked into the perfect conservative ideology, he has appeal to the greater population. Another characteristic that Trump campaigns on is ‘what’ he is going to do as president and not ‘how’ it is going to get done. There are many ways to skin a cat and by being unpredictable, it gives him the most options.

The Republican Party is imploding from within, not by Donald J. Trump, but by its own cronyism for many decades. Trump is in a way re-defining that evolution of the Republican Party which the political pundits and media are now referring to Trump’s version as populism. Unlike real conservatives or real socialists, populists rarely call themselves “populists” and usually reject the term when it is applied to them. Daniele Albertazzi and Duncan McDonnell define populism as an ideology that “pits a virtuous and homogeneous people against a set of elites and dangerous ‘others’ who are together depicted as depriving (or attempting to deprive) the sovereign people of their rights, values, prosperity, identity, and voice”. If Donald J. Trump is not a populist, he is definitely a centrist.

There are a lot of labels being thrown around regarding the success of the Trump Train. Some are fueling the momentum while others are trying to slow it down. I am not sure why there seems to be this chronic under confidence in America but I do know there are a lot of angry birds out there. Trump has keyed on that anger and leveraged it throughout his campaign. Now that he has successfully marketed himself as a strong leader and what appears to be a sure win, it is time for him to project something more acceptable as presidential. I believe he has just done that at the IAPAC Policy Conference this last week. It appears that Donald’s trump card is: build bridges AND walls.


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