Mankind is evolving through technology

The Bible states that God created the heavens and earth. Science says that life came from the earth. Science actually explains God’s creative plan. It is like they are mutually inclusive. The ‘books’ are not scientific documents. Evolution does not address the creation of the very first atom and only addresses the transformation of that first molecule that evolved into the complex life forms that we know today. So where did the very first ‘point’ of existence start? We know how the earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and we know how simple life on earth was formed about 3.5 billion years ago. The big mystery, the one that keeps the priests and the physicists up at night: no cosmologist has a clue why there is something rather than nothing.

As current man uses science to breaks down the elements of matter (physics), we learn about how transmutations from one form to another evolved over extended periods of time and space. Earth is most likely duplicated and magnified elsewhere in the cosmos around massive neutron stars, black holes, and active galactic nuclei. I suspect there is someone else out there.

If you ever wondered what physics or chemistry can do next, invent some new technology, and it will lead to new stuff. Recently, that new technology is the creation of nano-scale materials that will change the way products are manufactured for the next millenniums. Nuclear energy is also considered new technology. Even though it has been around for 70 years, it is just starting to evolve in parallel with nanotechnology.

The problem is; as technology changes, human nature seems to remain the same, at least in the early stages of acceptance. It sometimes takes generations for humans to accept a new technology. Nuclear energy was definitely one of those technologies that came out with a big bang and even members of the Manhattan Team said ‘whoa’ because we didn’t have time to understand it. The first images were devastating.

Now 70 years later and a lot more experienced, the nuclear energy industry is just starting to evolve to a place where energy will be safe, clean, and plentiful. It will still take decades or the next generations of society to fully accept nuclear as the universal energy source for the future. The only other non-carbon energy technologies that will be as significant as nuclear energy are nano-solar solutions.

Some technology change is not even noticed until after it has already infiltrated society. For the last ten years, nanotechnology has slowly been changing society’s way of living. The smart phone is a perfect example of how technology and human behavior has evolved right before our eyes in the way we communicate with people and other products, like a robotic enhanced vehicle (R.E.V.) toy that the grand kids loved for Christmas. Smart phones are quickly becoming the command center for our activity and electronic products. Soon, we will be able to “know anything we want, anytime we want, anywhere we want.” It requires ‘big data’ to be captured and stored in huge data banks, which has been happening for years through are communication systems.

LED is the next wave of lighting in cities, according to the Clean Energy Ministerial, an international global forum that includes the US, China, the UK, most EU countries, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the other countries that are behind the Global Lighting Challenge. But it is more than just lighting? Each streetlight gets its own IP address. That makes it a smart LED streetlight that can include wifi repeaters, security cameras, and sensors to measure temperature and air quality, and systems to measure traffic congestion. Is that more ‘big data’ to be captured and controlled? You betcha.

Welcome to mankind’s evolutionary timeline; point 2016. Happy New Year Folks!


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