Let there be water; and there was water.

Water is the essence of life. Let me rephrase that – without water there is no life. There is life on earth because ¾ of the planet is saline water and there is a hydrologic cycle that desalinates and transfers the water from the seas to the land surfaces. Water on our planet can be stored in any one of the following major reservoirs: atmosphere, oceans, lakes, rivers, soils, glaciers, snowfields, and groundwater. What happens if one of those reservoirs is depleted?

As the world population increases, water will become the #1 priority crisis. Why? Humans will become one of the major reservoirs of water and that in turn will cause depletion from one of the other reservoirs. The three most affected by this transfer is our rivers, lakes, and groundwater. All three have always been the low hanging fruit but, that is changing as the population increases. Without drinking water this increased population will get restless and will resort to what ever means to stay alive. So the question is, do we try to limit population like China tried unsuccessfully or do we increase the resource needed to sustain the increased population.

If nature is unable to keep up with the fresh water needs of the humans, then they have to provide for themselves through technology. Nanotechnology will play a very important part by providing the energy necessary to desalinate the ocean water to replenish the depleted clean water that is needed to sustain human life. Actually, it already has in Israel which is now the model for many other countries and states. Water is the key to Israel’s survival and that was done through nano-particle membrane technology that can purify water better than nature’s hydrologic cycle. Israel is a drought free state and is even providing water to its neighbors. This water has a greater value then gold and silver and it was provide through nanotechnology and good water management.

Unfortunately, Israel does not have nuclear energy to power the desalination plants which do require huge amounts of energy to provide huge amounts of clean water. Israel uses natural gas and fortunately the country has discovered huge reserves off shore in the Mediterranean Sea and more recently in the Golan Heights. However, a small molten salt reactor (MSR) would be so much more efficient and a lot cleaner than NG. Solar would be another possibility as a source of electricity to run the desalination plants too. Yes, through nanotechnology solar electricity has finally come of age.

In fact, Israel is so confident in their water futures through their advanced nano-particle membrane desalination process that they have committed to the industrialization of the Negev, the southern part of the country that is mostly desert. A total of four new, state of the art bases will be constructed as part of the move: an Air Force Base, a centralized Training Base, an Intelligence Base and a Technology Base. These bases will draw a lot of intellectual people to this part of Israel. Nanotechnology development at these bases will have a huge impact on AI and Robotics in the near future. More countries need to make this level of investment in their future.

What does Bill Gates, Carlos ‘Slim’ Helu, Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffett all have in common besides being multi-billionaires? They will all double their wealth because they have invested in Israel’s Government and people for their high tech commitment. It is hard to imagine that the Trump Brand will double it’s wealth by the end of the second term of the next President of the United States.


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